Growing up to be Xena the Warrior Princess

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all that’s happening is that beauty companies have realized that “progressive” and “empowering” advertisements garner more publicity and create more brand loyalty than the old-fashioned “you’re ugly if you don’t buy our product” advertising. it has nothing to do with ethical capitalism or social trends. the beauty industry is just trying to make money.

you guys I keep seeing posts like this, and I know all this is true but like - I still think it is a positive change? We are stuck living in capitalism, and it is not a great system, but it does give us the chance to vote with our dollars, and we have been doing that and now it has started to work? My 7 yr old watches TV. She’s going to see ads. I am so glad that they are ads about how strong and wonderful women are, or about how being gay is fine and should result in pasta, or about multiracial families being adorable over breakfast cereal. That is a much better set of things for her to internalize than ‘you are ugly so buy this soap.’ I cannot get worked up into a rage about products catering to me and to my beliefs. Yes, cater to me, I will buy your product if you cater to me, do things the way I want them done and I will try to make that beneficial for you.  

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i need more of natasha romanoff being brusque and unexpected when demonstrating physical affection to her loved ones (like a cat):

steve sits down on the couch with a beer and a bowl of pretzels and the next second natasha’s on his lap, drinking his beer and feeding him pretzels and steve can’t complain, he guesses, until she changes his nature documentary (steve loves nature documentaries ;____;) to one of those horrible Syfy Originals movies because why watch shark week when you can watch sharknado?? clearly.

bucky’s standing in the kitchen, sliding cucumbers, his arm a whirr of motion when natasha just sidles up and delicately runs her nose against the curve of his jaw and presses a tiny kiss to his chin and disappears before he even has the time to drop his knife and turn around

sam’s talking to someone, he’s always talking to someone when natasha sneaks up behind him and wraps her arms around his waist and starts petting his abs and chest. sam of course doesn’t mind, he flexes for her and laughs, “you make me feel like a piece of meat”. “steak.” natasha says, and playfully bites his neck.

she and clint pickpocket from eachother just super casually?? like, clint just keeps things in his pocket for her like those orange tictacs she loves but’ll never buy herself and silly caricatures he draws of their teammates (the one of tony was amazing and priceless and natasha still has it). and natasha’ll carry stray bandages for when clint does little stupid things and airplane bottles of liquor for when he does big stupid things and they just brush past each other and take what they need and sometimes there’s groping.

natasha being the biggest moocher on the planet. she’ll steal your fries and a sip of your beer and demand you try her pasta and feed you bites of gelato from her spoon


Listen, I try not to be pushy about religion or anything, but if you’re gonna have a drakkensteed as your special paladin mount, you’d better get right with Bahamut.

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so I was looking at this old writing handbook when this caught my eye:


Charles Dickens can no more

he no longer can

he has lost the ability to can

you guys i have been trying to play it cool but i am pathetically excited for olivia to get home in like an hour i missed that kid

guys my sister is getting into town late-ish tonight and I’m going to take her out for dinner at like 10pm, she’s staying in Chelsea, what’s an affordable place to take someone around there that will make her go ‘oh man we are in NYC this is so cool, clearly my older sister is rad as hell for taking me here’?

i finally gave up, turned the air conditioner off, and left my door open so the cats would stop fucking scratching at it all night, but they kept scratching at the open door, they didn’t want in or out, they just liked the sound. i hate cats, i’m done, i am making cat burgers


i like to imagine natasha dates all the ladies she tries to set steve up with first to make sure they’re okay. because fuck if she’s not going to do her due diligence. 

natasha dating all the ladies. natasha dating kristen from statistics who confides in her that she’s always had a crush on captain america. natasha dating lillian with the lip piercing from accounting who is cute and likes to grow succulents. 

steve liking another shield agent and wondering if he should ask her out maybe and natasha flying down from the rafters to tell him that she’s not in a place for real relationship right now and steve just “…..???? how do you know” and natasha evades the question by punching bad guys in the face

natasha dating sharon and accidentally liking her a lot but being a big goof and not really realizing it. sharon going on extremely platonic dates with steve and them being good friends and natasha taking it as a personal affront to her matchmaking skills which are flawless, thank you very much

and she finally confronts sharon about it and sharon’s like i’m not dating him because i’m dating you, dumbass. now come here and help me sharpen my knives.

and natasha’s just “:>” and does and they smooch forever the end

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